Echo Park Lake

The lotus beds of Echo Park Lake have been a community landmark since the 1920’s. Hundreds of blooms in white, pink and yellow frame your view of the lake in every direction, with ducks and paddle boats providing extra ambience. After a complete restoration project to clean the lake, it’s current state is likely the best it has ever been. The flowers bloom from June through September and typically are dormant the rest of the year.

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Griffith Observatory, facing north

Griffith Observatory

This important structure remains an icon of southern California and one of its most beloved attractions. It was originally constructed in 1935, saw complete restoration in 2006 and continues to be operated for the public, entirely admission-free. In fact, the intended purpose of the Griffith Observatory is quite profound, best expressed by Griffith J Griffith who said, “If all mankind could look through that telescope, it would change the world!” It is now the most visited public observatory in the world.

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